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Okanagan Valley Golf Tour

Come join us!! Take your pick at over 40 modern and marvelous golf courses located in beautiful British Columbia. British Columbia's Okanagan Valley offers a golf paradise with challenges for everyone-from the scratch player to the Social duffer. In fact, as early as the 1920's, the rolling hills of this arid, dry climate have been attracting golfers from around the world. Not to mention the perfect climate, aquarium lakes, lush vineyard and fruit orchard trees. The Okanagan Valley receives on average 2000 hours of sunlight a year as a result, the golf-playing season is one of the longest, starting from mid-March and lasting through the grape harvest until late October.
The Okanagan Valley also boast incredible recreational areas for water sport activities such as: swimming, fishing and houseboating. This area also provides you with the infrastructures for shopping and fine dinning as well.


Diese Tour wird dieses Jahr nicht durchgeführt!
Wir können diese Reise für Gruppen von 4 bis 10 Personen massschneidern!


Program for the Okanagan Valley Golf Tour

Day 1, Wednesday
Arrive in Vancouver, a quick briefing regarding the tour and the activities to take place. We will begin heading for Harrison Hot Springs, located in the Fraser Valley. We will stay two nights at Harrison Hot Springs Resort.
Day 2, Thursday
You have the choice of either playing at a nearby 9 holes golf course, or the opportunity to play at a world class 18 hole golf course called "Bridal Falls". Other activities include watersports down at the lake or horseback riding in the mountains.
Day 3, Friday
We will begin the day travelling in the minibus from Harrison Hot Springs, through Hope just to Merritt. Merritt is located in the Nicola Valley which is well known for ideal weather conditions for horseback riding as well as golf. We will play a round of golf in Merritt. Following the game in Merritt we will then begin heading towards "Little Shuswap Lake", located in Chase. At that picturesque setting we will stay the night at the famous Quaaout Lodge.
Day 4, Saturday
We will start the day off with an optional game of golf in Salmon Arm. In that area, there consists of eight 72 par championship golf courses just waiting for you!! If you would rather try another activity in the Okanagan Valley, why not take your shot at fly fishing in the Adams River. There, local First Nation peoples can accompany you and provide a little assistance. Interestingly, during October, thousands of red sockeye salmon are charging up this river during the months of spawning season.
Day 5 & 6, Sunday & Monday
Take your chance at world class golf courses in the Penticton area.
Also come join us when we go and take a tour around the most prestigious wineries in Canada. Penticton is the most famous place for its Ice Wine year after year. Come and witness the taste of Ice Wine in Penticton as well as the opportunity to watch a rodeo. We will stay two nights at the Clarion Lakeside Resort.
Day 7, 8 & 9, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
We will set out towards Kelowna where some of the most challenging golf courses in Canada are located. Courses such as: Quail Ridge Golf & Country Club, Gallagher's Canyon, Preditor Ridge, Kelowna Springs are but a few which are waiting for you!! We will stay three nights at the Quail Ridge Golf & Country Club.
Day 10, Friday
In the morning you have the opportunity to get last minute shopping done prior to your flight to Vancouver via Kelowna.
The end of the Okanagan Valley Golf Tour!!


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